A patient testimonial after Stem Cell Therapy by CC Medical in NY, NY.

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Patient: “What happened to me is I couldn’t walk- I had trouble walking like my hip was locking and I had no range, okay, so they wanted to put a new hip in and my arms I was dropping everything- they wanted two screws in my arm to keep it on, okay.
So I was frightened and I had dealt with Dr. Calapai years ago and was successful with my knees, so I said ‘I wonder what he can do here.’ So I contacted him and he said he could help me so I came down and he spoke about the stem cell.
And he said “You’ll never be sorry’ well I’m not because after I got it done four days later I was a normal human being. Prior to that I could not practice hygiene, I could not clean myself. I needed help to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t get into the tub. It was terrible! I dropped everything, I couldn’t carry a cup of coffee, everything was dropping! I was totally handicapped.
He [Dr. Calapai] saved me from going into a home and having an operation. It’s fantastic what he’s doing and I just wanted everybody to know because you got to speak to somebody that had it done- not just hear about it. And it truly does work well and it’s four days of discomfort I don’t say no but it was well worth it.
Everything was well worth it because if you think back what you’re going to do financially, you’d be having appointments, therapy, this, that, all that you’d spend then the pills and everything else that goes on. If you know you’ve really got to balance the sheets and see what it really costs in the end, and look what you’re saving. That’s how I feel. God bless him because I say he thinks for himself and that’s important.”*