A patient testimonial after Stem Cell Therapy by CC Medical in NY, NY

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Patient: “I came to Dr. Calapai last April and I didn’t know anything about stem cells then. I came to him because I was having a lot of problem with mobility. Arthritis- I’ve had for over 30 years I’m 58 years old so I’ve had it since I was in my 20s and it had progressed to the point where I could only make it up and down the stairs maybe once or twice a day and I couldn’t go further than that. Walking I could do a little bit more but if it involves stairs or climbing at all I would not enjoy the activity I would sit it out.

So after seeing Dr. Calapai and starting his different therapies: diet and exercise and things like that, after two months and I was losing weight and improving he suggested that I might consider the stem cell therapy. So that was in June, last June, it’s been 10 months and I’m a new human being- I am not the person who walked in here last April.

I’m 60 pounds lighter than I was and I could probably play basketball if I wanted to- it’s just something I couldn’t imagine when I started this. It’s been a tremendous journey, I’m not going to say it was easy to do all of this but it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever given myself- it’s the greatest gift.”*