The Stem Cell Foundation  was created to help raise funds to pay for Stem Cell Therapy  for wounded veterans of the various Armed Forces , wounded police officers and wounded firemen. 

Stem cell therapy research has documented repeatedly, that using your own cells to help to repair your tissues is an extremely safe, viable and effective mechanism.

It has been used for many degenerative conditions including Traumatic brain injury, Osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, COPD, Diabetes type 1 and 2, heart failure, Kidney failure, Liver  failure, Lupus, Macular Degeneration, MS, Parkinson’s disease, Pulmonary  fibrosis, and Stroke among others.

Scholarly research articles and studies on various search engines list over 1 million studies for the  search term “stem cell therapy benefits”.

As well, seeing dramatic results with thousands of patients further proves the efficacy of this treatment.

I think it is important to understand that individuals in the Armed Forces as well as Fire department and Police department are often risking their lives and become injured as a result of doing so.

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