Vitamin B6 may protect against colorectal cancer

In  recently published research done at the Department of medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, vitamin B6 intake was correlated with a decreased risk of colon cancer.  The study involved over 14,900 men and the higher the levels of B6 the lower the levels of homocysteine, C reactive protein, tumor necrosis factor alpha,  interleukin-6, and colorectal cancer.
A great deal of research has been done over the past decade on vitamin B6 and has described dramatic benefit for cardiovascular risk, arthralgia and decreasing cancer risk.  It is extremely important to have enough vitamin B6 in your blood and in your cells to achieve this result.
Testing for vitamins and minerals is always the most important blood test that you could do.  It is simple, quick and an  important way to ensure nutrient density.  Just taking vitamins does not ensure adequate levels.

Whatever supplements you choose to take make sure that at least twice a year you test your vitamin and mineral levels.


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