Low selenium levels linked to risk of skin cancer

In an excellent study done at the Queensland Institute of medical research in Australia, low selenium levels were linked with an increased risk of basal and squamous cell carcinoma.  The study involved over 485 Australian adults and those individuals that have the highest levels of selenium in the serum had the lowest association with skin cancers.  This is a very simple mineral with very excellent protective benefits.  It works extremely well with glutathione in protecting the immune response.
In over 20 years of testing patients vitamin levels, selenium has always been an important nutrient to evaluate.  The overwhelming number of studies of the benefits of vitamins and minerals that are available for review on the Internet further endorse the importance of testing vitamin and mineral levels.

Please make sure to take your vitamins every day, try to spread them out with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Always remember to have your vitamin levels tested twice a year.


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