Folic acid can protect blood vessels!!

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One of the more interesting studies recently published in the international Journal of cardiology describes how taking folic acid can help to regress inflammation in the lining of the blood vessels. The carotid arteries are commonly damaged by the plaque process, and the individuals in the study that took supplementation with folic acid or long-term have seen regression of the thickness of the carotid blood vessel wall. I think this is an excellent commentary on how well nutrients help to protect our tissues from damage.

One of the things that this brings to mind is the potential for combined results when we correct all of the vitamins and minerals. For example if people are deficient in a variety of nutrients and hormones, it stands to reason that correcting all of these will lead to far greater benefit.

If we understand all of the underlying cardiovascular risk factors, and test them specifically, changing these can drastically change the progression of the number one killer in our society. It is critically important to look for all of the underlying causes of disease and change them as soon as possible.

For over 20 years I have been practicing comprehensive nutritional medicine, and have tested every single patient for vitamins and minerals. I have yet to find one individual whose vitamin levels were in the excellent range. The majority of people that take vitamins, can still be deficient if their digestive enzymes aren't functioning, or if the vitamin dosage is too low.


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