Folic Acid supplementation may reverse carotid wall thickness !!!

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In a world of ever-changing information about plaque and heart disease ,some of the latest research is absolutely fascinating. More and more studies describe how plaque progression is complex. Atherosclerosis can be caused by a variety of things including infection, vitamin deficiency, elevated homocysteine, immune dysfunction, heavy metals, excess carbohydrate intake, elevated lipids, etc.

A study published in the international Journal of cardiology February 6, 2009 describes that full acid supplementation may significantly regress carotid artery wall thickness. This is extremely important and very exciting information; it is an excellent addition to our protocols to help to decrease cardiovascular risk as well as the development and continuation of plaque buildup. This, in combination with a low-carb diet, exercise, chelation therapy, vitamin mineral and hormone optimization can create a dramatic change in heart disease.

It is critically important to understand all of the underlying causes of plaque buildup in heart disease, and with that information drastically change the disease progression and outcome. As I have described for my entire career we must test for vitamin / mineral / hormone levels, and be comprehensive in our assessment and treatment of each patient.

If you have not yet done testing for

·         vitamins and generals

·         hormones

·         heavy metals

·         absorption/digestion

It is the most important first step in understanding your body and your health state!!

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