Blood lead levels in children

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Lead has been a major health risk for centuries, in all populations and all ages. It has been especially damaging to children and brain function. The typical assessment of any of the heavy metals in people has been relegated to blood testing, which is NOT a statement of total body burden of metals. It is an estimate of recent exposure, it can't describe how many of the metals are in deeper tissues such as cells or bone reservoir.

In 1991 the Centers for Disease Control determined that a level of lead at 10 mcg/dl was a good threshold, and that anything higher was a possible problem. This was reaffirmed in 2005. This is ridiculous for a variety of reasons. Blood metal levels vary and may be different with each blood draw, one day you might see a level of 6 and the next day 13! We can't rely on a single blood test and if it falls under the threshold, feel safe that there is no major exposure.

Just because the blood level at that specific time that the test is done seems ok, that is never an accurate assessment of what may be in the Brain, Heart, Bones or in any organ. THERE ARE NBO "SAFE" LEVELS OF ANY OF THE HEAVY METALS!

Small amounts of these free radicals damage cells tissues and organs, and can contribute to a wide range of symptoms and diseases. These include Learning Disabilities, Autism, Parkinson's disease, Cancers, ALS, MS, Autoimmune Disorders and many more.

All Adults should be screened for metals and children as well!!  Once found a process should begin to safely remove these from the body. It is essential to find and remove the metals before they create a disaster.

Chelation therapy is the only effective, proven modality for this process. For Adults the technique takes about 45 minutes. For children it can be done with a compounded gel applied to the skin.

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