Autism effects 1 in 150 births

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Autism spectrum disorders seem to be on the rise. These can be devastating to families in terms of emotion as well as cost.
They are described as developmental disorders that generally:
                                                    –    occur before the onset of the third birthday
                                                    –    include poor socialization behavior
                                                    –    display inability to communicate
                                                    –    include restrictive and repetitive activities
These are extremely difficult to treat in the traditional medical realm because there is little response to prescription medication. As well, there is rarely in traditional medicine a focus on understanding the cause of illness and then an attempt to treat the cause.
A variety of studies and researchers as well as prominent organizations have pointed towards mercury and heavy metal exposure as a significant cause or connection to Autism, and have blamed childhood vaccinations. This might prove to be a very valid hypothesis.
Disorders in vitamin and mineral as well as amino acid and fatty acid metabolism are potential contributors.
Allergy to environmental substances and foods can contribute to immune dysfunction further creating prolonged inflammatory process.
Over the past few years, through research and a logical extension to my comprehensive medical approach, I have put together an in-depth protocol to evaluate and treat these disorders.
The approach evaluates all of the above concerns and will include correction of nutritional concerns, Allergy abnormalities and with a special add on including in office behavioral evaluation and therapy.
We all need to understand and address the medical issues that are affecting our children. We need more research time and dollars spent here.
Please call us for further info or if you know someone with an Autistic child than cam benefit from this information.
Dr. Chris Calapai