Stem cell case study 1

This is an 80-year-old patient diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease by her neurologist patient was treated with stem cell therapy in August 2014. During office visits the patient did not talk much, according to patients son and daughter-in-law she was a steep decline before coming to the office.

After stem cell therapy was done, the patient’s son wrote an outline of her improvement.

The patient had a stem cell therapy done in the morning and on the same day there was a noticeable improvement as the family was driving home in the car on August 21.

The patient engaged in continuous conversation all the way back home. They stop for dinner and the patient opened and read the menu and decided upon eating fish. She had been able to read for a menu or use utensils for years. When the entrée arrived she was able to eat with a fork and a knife and this was just three hours after stem cell therapy was done. The family was astonished.

The following weeks revealed:
– The patient was reading more
– The patient had more interested in television
– The patient was more aware of her surroundings
– The patient was more willing to carry on conversations with the family
– The patient was more agreeable and flexible
– The patient has a much better attitude
– The patient continues to improve
– The family is extremely happy with her progress.