Poly-MVA®: Research and Clinical Experien ce in Individuals with Cancer, Stroke and Anti-Aging Concerns

In my medical practice, I encounter patient
s with a wide range of health concerns—
cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative and immune disorders, among many
others. Therefore, I was intrigued when I fi
rst began reading about a highly effective
supplement that addresses most of these conditions. That supplement is called Poly-
MVA, a member of the palladium lipoic acid
reductase complex family that works by a
novel mechanism of action—Poly-MVA quenches
free radicals and turns these damaging
molecules into energy. It then donates these
electrons back to th
e cell via the electron
transport chain, thereby inducing apoptosis by
creating oxygen radicals
in the cell, while
at the same time strengthening the immune sy
stem and normal, healthy cells by supplying
them with the same oxygen and pr
otecting them from oxidative stress.
Poly-MVA contains a patented type
of palladium lipoic acid complex composed of
lipoic acid, the mineral palladium and thia
min bonded in one molecule. Poly-MVA also
contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
I have found it to be extremely effective in
boosting the immune system and supporting the
health of patients with a variety of
I learned about Poly-MVA through
Dr. Merrill Garnett and Albert Sanchez, EdS,
PhD, a former school principal who began
studying cancer treatments when his wife
developed colon cancer. Since his wife’s deat
h at the age of 34, Dr. Sanchez has devoted
his life to finding effective non-invasive suppor
t for cancer patients.
In addition, I also
read the research, science and history on th
is unique substance. Two of Poly-MVA’s
most promising applications are in cancer a
nd stroke with other degenerative diseases
being looked as well as diabetic neur
opathy, hepatitis C and aids support.
Cancer Studies
James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D. has conducted a number of studies on the use of
both intravenous and oral Poly-MVA in his
cancer patients. The Cancer Research
Foundation chose Dr. Forsythe, a board certif
ied oncologist, to conduct the first major
Poly-MVA clinical research project on cancer patients.
In one study, Dr. Forsythe gave 104
cancer patients the option
to be included in one
of three groups. The first group of patients c
hose to receive chemotherapy as their only
form of treatment. The second group consisted
of cancer patients who wanted to continue
chemotherapy while also consuming Poly-M
VA. The third group of subjects received
only Poly-MVA.
Each of the patients participating
in the study had Stage 4 cancer, the most advanced
form of the disease. Many of the subjects had
been told by their oncol
ogist or their doctor
that everything possible had been done and
there was nothing more the doctors could do,
other than allow the patients to continue chem
otherapy if they chose to do so, and that
they only had from a few days to a few months to live.
At the study’s end, 77 percent of
the patients that comple
ted the study on Poly-MVA
experienced an improvement in their blood wo
rk. In addition, 28 percent of the patients
on Poly-MVA experienced a reversal of thei
r cancers. Another 56
percent of Poly-MVA
subjects had a 50 percent reduction of the tumor size.
In a second study, Dr. Forsythe i
nvestigated the use of Poly-MVA in 170 cancer
patients, and observed that they experienced
a 75 percent success ra
te after taking Poly-
MVA. Dr. Forsythe conducted additional resear
ch on 70 cancer patients chosen from that
original group of 170. In that
subgroup, 28 percent of subjec
ts experienced a complete
reversal. In another 37 percent of Poly-MVA
subjects, their disease stabilized, meaning
the cancer stopped progressing. The remaining
35 percent showed a 50 percent or more
reduction in their tumors and/or cancer markers. (1)
The outcome of these two studies ha
s prompted Dr. Forsythe to declare that in his
medical career he has never encountered a product as effective as the Poly-MVA. It was
found to be safe and effective, with no contraindications.
Studies on Poly-MVA’s cerebrovascul
ar effects have achieved equally impressive
results. Dr. Frank Antonawich,
a cell biologist at a prominen
t research university and an
instructor at St. Joseph’s Co
llege in New York, tested Po
ly-MVA’s effects on stroke in
animals. In the first two studies, he found that
after examining the animals’ brains, Poly-
MVA, when given 6 to 24 hours after a stroke was induced, reduced the damage in the
Dr. Antonawich’s third study was the
most interesting. He indu
ced a stroke in all the
animals, then gave half of them Poly-M
VA. The next morning he immediately knew
which ones had received Poly-MVA, as an
imals that received the Poly-MVA were
exhibiting their nesting behavior while the
ones that had not recei
ved Poly-MVA simply
sat around. Further research confir
med the nesting observation. (2)
Clinical Experience
My clinical experience with Poly
-MVA supports the results mentioned above. I have
used it in patients with a variety of cancers,
including prostate, br
east, colon, pancreas,
lung and brain cancers. I have noted that
Poly-MVA improves the length and quality of
patients’ lives.
My experience has been that Stag
e 3 and 4 cancer patients improve significantly. In
Stage 1 and 2 cancer patients, using Poly
-MVA in conjunction with various other
supplements and interventions to improve
immune system function and enhance
detoxification has resulted in
a number of complete turn
around in their conditions.
I’ve also used Poly-MVA in patients
who have sustained a st
roke, with paralysis of
speech and muscle function, and have observed dr
amatic results in these patients. A case
study was with an elderly man in wheelchair
with severe impairment. i used Poly-MVA,
in combination with homeopathic medici
ne and nutritional supplements The man
suffered from paralysis of the
right side of his body, had lost
the ability to speak and had
severe memory deficits. A year and a half af
ter I began treating him, he walked into the
office without support, was talking normally
with a vastly improved memory and was
able to return to a normal life.
I have had a great deal of su
ccess using Poly-MVA along with other nutritional
modalities in patients with neurodegenerative di
sorders, including multiple sclerosis. My
patients who take Poly-MVA seem to enjoy a
renewed sense of well being and enhanced
Other doctors have used Poly
-MVA to support the health of patients with
endometriosis and psoriasis. Jeff Mueller,
M.D., noticed that toe nail fungus either
improved or disappeared in cancer patient
s who took Poly-MVA. He is conducting a
study to determine if Poly-MVA can help patients suffering from this. Because I have
found Poly-MVA to be extremely effectiv
e in boosting the immune system, it is
understandable that it is some
how working in this area.
Poly-MVA’s cellular support across th
e body and primarily its ability to turn free
radicals into useful energy
indicates it would support an
ti-aging uses. Some Poly-MVA
users have reported a significant improve
ment in skin tone and appearance.
My protocol is to use
Poly-MVA along with 450–600 mg of CoQ10, VRP’s
Essential Minerals or Advanced Essential
Minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids such as
those found in EthylEPA™ or Neptune Krill Oil.
I also put my patients on a detoxifying,
primarily vegetarian diet, including fresh
vegetable juices, with no sugar or refined
carbohydrates and some quality protein in the
form of free range, grass fed beef, lamb
and/or buffalo. Clean water,
fresh air and exercise, as we
ll as spiritually nurturing
activities, are also important
to regaining and maintaining health and well being.
I find that when using Poly-MVA
in combination with the above protocol will
typically release toxins from the body and
detoxification is important, a Herxheimer
response is the professional term
and it needs to be addressed
in the short term typically.
Consequently, I teach my patients on Poly-MVA to use dry brush massage, low
temperature saunas, liver support and if
necessary coffee enemas to accelerate
detoxification and minimi
ze the die-off reaction.
Poly-MVA is emerging as an impor
tant nutritional therapeu
tic means of supporting
the health of many patients, but cancer pati
ents specifically. My patients have also
experienced increased well being and energy
while taking Poly-MVA. Combined with a
healthy, balanced diet of organic foods,
pure water, supportive supplements, and
nourishing the patients’ emotional and spirit
ual health, I have found Poly-MVA to be a
valuable, safe and effective adjunct on
the path to true healing and wellness.