Cerebellar ataxia due to isolated vitamin E deficiency

Ataxia is a common and important neurological finding in medical practice. Severe deficiency of Vitamin E can profoundly affect the central nervous system and can cause ataxia and peripheral neuropathy resembling Friedreich's ataxia. Vitamin E deficiency can occur with abetalipoproteinemia, cholestatic liver disease or fat malabsorption. Ataxia with isolated Vit E deficiency (AVED) is an Autosomal Recessive genetic disorder with a mutation in the alpha tocopherol transfer protein gene (TTPA). This condition responds to high dose of Vit E and is one of the important causes of treatable ataxia. We report a young patient with Ataxia with isolated Vit E deficiency (AVED) who responded partially to replacement of Vitamin E.