Laserbrasion: The Combination of Carbon Dioxide Laser and Dermasanding.

Background: The purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy of laserbrasion (the combination of carbon dioxide laser and dermasanding) in the removal of heavy perioral wrinkles.
Methods: Ninety patients underwent laserbrasion for treatment of heavy perioral wrinkles. They were assessed clinically by the surgeon and staff for wrinkle reduction, healing, and complications. A subset of 26 patients was followed for more than 1 year to assess long-term effects, especially hypopigmentation.
Results: Laserbrasion was successful in reducing 95 percent of heavy perioral wrinkles as compared with 75 percent seen previously with laser alone. No complications were noted with laserbrasion, and there was no significant long-term hypopigmentation. Healing time was quicker for laserbrasion (9 days) than for laser alone (12 days).
Conclusions: Laserbrasion is an effective and safe method of reducing deep perioral wrinkles. The technique is easy to perform and inexpensive for the laser surgeon. Laserbrasion can yield better results than the laser alone and has the added benefit of a shorter healing time.