Antioxidant Supplementation May Reduce Adenoma Recurrence

A review of a double-blind placebo-controlled randomized trials from involving 411 patients on post-polypectomy endoscopic follow-up, found that daily intake of micronutrients over a 5 year period reduced the incidence of ademona recurrence for up to 15 years. Subjects received either an active compound (200 mg selenium, 30 mg zinc, 2 mg vitamin A, 180 mg vitamin C, 30 mg vitamin E) or a placebo, daily, for 5 years. 330 had follow-up colonoscopy (164 in the intervention and 166 in the placebo group). Within up to 15 years follow-up, 100 patients had recurrence (n=38, micronutrient; n=62, placebo). Findings revealed a significant reduction in the risk of recurrence in micronutrient group and this was similar for small tubular as well as advanced adenomas. Results indicate that antioxidant supplementation may have a beneficial impact on adenoma recurrence, and reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.